Property Tax Appeal

property taxFulton County Property Appraiser can determine if your taxes are too high and will formulate a plan of action for lowering them. Your property taxes can be high for a number of reasons, such as inaccurate high valuation of your home, inaccurate building sizes, incorrect parcel sizes, wrong classifications, as well as a myriad of other factors.

With the experience we have under our belt, Fulton County Property Appraiser strives to give you the best property tax appraisals you can receive.

Here’s how we do it:

1. We review and confirm all of the information the county has on your property. We sometimes find that the county has inaccurate information on your property.

2. We perform a full real estate appraisal on your property, which includes:

  • A measurement of all buildings
  • Inspection of the quality and condition of all visible components within all buildings
  • Location and research of comparable properties that have sold in the past year
  • Driving by and photographing all potential properties that have sold in the past six months
  • A determination of which sales are the most comparables with the subject
  • Calculating a value conclusion based on current market data
  • Preparing a written report which includes comparisons, descriptions, sketches, photographs and maps — a summary of our information and conclusions.

3. Deliver our report to you. You will combine our appraisal report with the county tax form you fill out and submit it to the county. The county will analyze your information and will send you a determination via mail.

Having an appraisal done by the professional, experienced, certified appraisers at Fulton County Property Appraisers increases your chances for success for lowering your property taxes. Call us today for a free consultation.