Pre-Purchase Appraisal

After looking for months, you’ve finally come across what appears to be the perfect home. You’re interested in making an offer, but for how much? Is the asking price in a proper range? Are there other people making better offers? What should you do? A pre-purchase appraisal from Fulton County Property Appraiser can help mitigate all of your questions and concerns.

A pre-purchase appraisal can provide an objective, unbiased and third-party independent accurate reflection of the value of the property you want to purchase and a solid basis for an offer. There are times when a buyer and seller agree on a price, but when the appraisal is done for the bank, the value does not match. A pre-purchase appraisal by Fulton County Property Appraiser will help avoid this.

A pre-listing appraisal ensures both you and your agent have an accurate description of your home’s features and a detailed analysis of the most recent and comparable sales. It can also highlight any obvious repair problems, thus eliminating any last-minute hassles that might delay closing.

Purchasing a property is a substantial investment with built-in risks and potential benefits. By obtaining a pre-purchase appraisal from Fulton County Property Appraiser, the buyer and seller become more informed about the property, the property’s value, and the current market conditions. The market value is needed to assist the lender in deciding whether or not to approve the requested loan amount.

At Fulton County Property Appraiser, we understand that time is of the essence when there is a pending sale of a property. We are equipped to deliver competent appraisals within the time frame you need. Call Fulton County Property Appraiser today at (404) 907-1846 for all your appraisal needs. We provides a level of service that is personal and unmatched.