Pre-Contract Appraisal

pre-contract appraisalThe purchase of a home represents the largest single investment most people will ever make, and a pre-contract appraisal is an essential part of this transaction. A pre-contract appraisal from Fulton County Property Appraiser turns a potential buyer into an informed buyer. Our professional appraisers understand residential construction and offer consumers an expert opinion regarding the condition of a home’s components before the purchase is made.

If emotional buyers want to pay more than a property is worth, they are not justified in doing so since they could acquire a similar property in a similar location for a lower price. Also, even if buyers and sellers agree on the “highest possible” selling price in a purchase contract, the sale will fall through when the mortgage appraiser reports the actual value to the lender. By obtaining a pre-contract appraisal from Fulton County Property Appraiser, we help our clients get the most for their money.

A pre-contract appraisal will inform people of the true market value of a house. Because they will know the approximate amount to pay, this enables them to make an educated and intelligent decision on whether or not to purchase the home.

In addition, this information can be shared with the real estate agent and owner to show them a concrete market value. A pre-contract appraisal can reflect the current market conditions.

Whether we are evaluating a small starter home, or a Fortune 500 sky rise, we provide the same quality and respect to every client. Call Fulton County Property Appraiser today!