Pre-Construction Appraisal

People often think of real estate appraisals only when it comes to buying or selling a home. However, there are countless different occasions that call for a property appraisal, such as pre-construction. In today’s real estate market, pre-construction appraisals are required for new construction and home improvement projects. A pre-construction appraisal from Fulton County Property Appraiser guarantees the lender that the home being built will be worth the money being borrowed once the project is finished.

As the name implies, a pre-construction appraisal is prepared prior to the start of construction. Upon application, it becomes the responsibility of the appraiser to appraise the subject property in accordance with the plans and specifications provided by the owner, assuming all work will be completed. Knowing this beforehand can save an individual from overextending his or her resources.

A pre-construction appraisal from Fulton County Property Appraiser can help you decide whether building the house of your dreams can become a reality. Building a new home is stressful enough in itself, getting a pre-construction appraisal from Fulton County Property Appraiser will erase any feelings of uncertainty about your proposed home or improvement project.  We will be happy to explain the appraisal process up front, as well as speak with your builder.  When the report is finished, we will personally go over it with you to answer any questions you might have.

Contractors, home builders, banks, and lenders in the Fulton County area have come to rely on our appraisal services to provide them with informed answers. We welcome the opportunity to work with you as well.

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