Measuring Services and Floor Plans

Measuring Services — Most people do not know how many square feet are in the home they own, or about to buy or sell. The size of a home is one of the most important factors buyers and sellers use when determining the value of a property. Accurate real estmeasuring servicesate measuring is one of the great services we provide.

Stand Out With Detailed Floor Plans

A quality, professional floor plan will enhance your real estate presentation and serve as an added method to differentiate your property listing. Real estate agents use Fulton County Property Appraiser’s floor plan drafting service to highlight their client property’s interior layout.

This service, combined with internal and external photos, provides a complete picture for your prospective buyers. We provide three different floor plan drafting options; classic, standard and deluxe. Pricing is below. Please call us for further details or to schedule your on-site drafting consultation.

Classic Floor Plan

Cobb County Classic Floor Plan Draft

Standard Floor Plan

Cobb County Standard Floor Plan Draft

Deluxe Floor Plan

Cobb County Deluxe Floor Plan Draft

 Floor Plan and HD Photography Pricing

0 to 2500 Sq. ft
 SketchingPhotosFull Service
2501 to 5000 Sq. ft
 SketchingPhotosFull Service
5001 Sq. ft and above
 SketchingPhotosFull Service